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Significance of Seven

The number seven has special meaning. There are seven seas, seven continents, seven wonders of the world, seven notes in a musical scale, seven colors in the rainbow, seven days of creation, seven deadly sins, seven virtues, seven heavens, seven metals of antiquity, seven hills of Rome and seven days of the week.

Some say our obsession with this number relates to the seven heavenly bodies visible with the naked eye:

the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. In fact, that is how the days of the week were


But does that explain all the other sevens we find in our world? Whatever you believe, the number seven

has strong spiritual and mystical significance.

Numerology and the Tarot go hand in hand. For more insight told through provocative and intriguing stories check out The Seekers: Tales of the Tarot Archetypes.

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