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Sharp Cheddar Eaters Are Better Than You

Forgive me Vegans, cheese haters, and anyone who thinks American is actually a cheese. But this missive is actually a critique on bland and boring writing, not cheese. I hope the metaphor is both apt and has gotten your attention. Sharp cheddar has a tang and bite that some find distasteful, as does controversial writing. Like a Jack, Mozzarella, or Gouda, mild cheeses are easy on the palate, pair with many other foods, and fade into the background of the food experience. Eating sharp cheddar on the other hand is sometimes like hitting yourself over the head with a mallet.

Writing about safe topics, taking no risks, or following formulaic story structures is like eating mild cheese - boring. Only when an author goes out on the proverbial limb, writes stories about controversial subjects, or takes personal risks is the end result worth eating, I mean reading. Some come enjoy some sharp cheddar! Because you deserve it.

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