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The Gardens of Eden

The Gardens of Eden

Isaiah Hoffman is brilliant, charismatic, and hides many secrets behind a handsome façade. He is also fabulously wealthy. His creation, the Gardens of Eden, is a back-to-earth organic wonderland example of what you can do with unlimited funds. Tyler Caldwell hates his life. On a whim, he convinces his magazine publisher to let him investigate the Gardens of Eden. Hoffman prophesies the collapse of modern society from the ravages of climate change and has created a self-sustaining oasis, an ark in a flooding world. After a 2-day visit, Tyler is so taken by his experience that after writing his article, he quits his job and joins the cult. Only then does he discover the real truth hiding in the desert. A dark and suspenseful thrill ride on the cutting edge of environmental disaster, The Gardens of Eden will keep you guessing until the last page.

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