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Chapter One

Chapter One

Henry is a frustrated author writing his first novel about a frustrated writer named Jake. Jake’s partner, Carol, is a shrewd and stunningly beautiful heroine who keeps him guessing at every turn. But who are Jake and Carol? Our perception of them changes every time Henry starts his story over at Chapter One. Our evolution in understanding Jake and Carol, and ultimately Henry, is only one of the many reflections in the hall of mirrors that is this story.


Halfway through the novel, Henry gets his novel published and eventually sells the movie rights. His meteoric rise from obscurity to fame consumes the last half of the novel. However, we, the reader, are treated to the unfolding story that has made Henry famous, interleaved with his story of new-found fame.


Henry’s plot settles into a love triangle, murder-suicide between Carol, her husband and Jake. Or does it? Henry leaves his readers guessing all the way to his last page, which is also the last page of Chapter One.  The mind-binding reflections of reading a story about an author writing a similar story reverberates throughout.

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